• What is El Pando?

    El Pando is a cross-platform solution in the Education & Learning industry with the following core features:

    • • Cloud-based School Management System for school owners & staffs to manage daily operations
    • • Course Discovery mobile app and website for consumers to search and book for courses and free trials
    • • Learner Dashboard for learners to organize their course schedule and analyze their learning needs
  • Who created El Pando?

    El Pando is the flagship product of El Pando Pte Ltd, a boutique software house based in Singapore. El Pando is conceptualized, designed and developed solely by El Pando Pte Ltd.

  • Why is El Pando created?

    El Pando is created to provide a single platform that benefits all users within the Education and Learning domain.


  • I want to browse and search for schools and courses in my city. Do I have to register an account?

    No, you do not need to register for an account unless you want to enrol into a course or lesson.

  • I want to register an account with El Pando. Do I need to pay?

    It is free to register a “Learner” account with El Pando. With the “Learner” account, you can search and enrol into any courses or lessons you like inside El Pando.

    You only need to pay for the courses / lessons you enrol into. You do not need to pay for using El Pando.

  • What are the benefits for using El Pando as a learner?

    As a learner, using El Pando gives you the following benefits:

    • • Find and enrol into courses under the categories that you are interested in
    • • Find & register for events and free trials
    • • Find & enrol into courses at discounted price offered at off-peak hours
    • • Know more about schools and courses via their ratings and students’ comments
    • • Organize your learning schedule and analyse your learning needs
  • I have created a “Learner” account at El Pando website. Do I need to create an account again on the El Pando mobile app?

    No. You only need to create account once, be it at our website or mobile app. We will send you a verification email once you register with us. You will need to click on the link inside the verification email to activate your account.

  • Can I track what courses I am currently taking and what courses I have taken before?

    Yes. You can use our Learner Dashboard to track all your present and past courses.


  • What account types do you have for schools?

    We offered two account types for schools: Standard and Enterprise.

  • What are the differences between the two account types for schools?

    The School (Standard) account type is free while the School (Enterprise) account type requires a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

    The School (Enterprise) account type provides you with full access to the backend School Management System. The School (Standard) account type can only access limited features to the backend School Management System.

    For a side-by-side comparison of these two account types, please visit our Account Creation page.

  • How do I access the backend School Management System?

    Once you have created a School account (Standard or Enterprise) with us, you can login and access the backend School Management System by clicking your name at the top right-hand corner, followed by clicking your company name.

  • I want to create a few accounts for my staffs and assign them with different roles. Can I do that with El Pando?

    Yes, you can do that within the Users and Roles pages of the School Management System.

  • I have multiple school branches at different location. Do I need to create different accounts for each of them?

    No, you only need to create one account with us. Inside the School Management System, you can create multiple schools under this account. You can also create multiple user accounts inside the School Management System and assign them to different schools.

  • I want to use your School Management System but do not wish to feature on your website and mobile app. Can I do that?

    Yes, you can do that. You can set privacy settings for each of your schools.

Customized Software Solutions

  • What is customized software solution?

    Customized software solutions are software tailor-made for a company, organization or person. The software company would gather the requirements from the client, design and develop the software, and deploy for them.

  • Does El Pando Pte Ltd provide customized software services?

    Yes, we do provide customized software design and development services. Feel free to contact us to get a quotation or find out more information.

  • What kind of customized software solution do you provide?

    We provide design and development services of all kinds of customized software, be it web, mobile or desktop.